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1 Timothy 1-7

April 18, 2017

1 Do not punish [an] older [man] but encourage him as [a] father, younger [men] as brothers, 2 older women as mothers, younger women as sisters in all purity. 3 Honor [female] widows who are really widows. 4 And if some widow has children, they must learn first to act piously [toward] their own house and to give repayment back to parents. For this is acceptable before the God. 5 But the one who is really a widow and having been left alone has hoped in [a] god and continues in the petitions and the prayers night and day 6 but she who lives self indulgently has died. 7 Also announce these things so that they might be above reproach.

The usual translation for “punish” is “rebuke”, but wouldn’t you know it? That’s a different word. Also, verse six could be “she who is self indulgent has died [even while she] is alive.” It has to do with the word “living” and if it’s attached to “self indulgent” or “died” and it’s right in the middle of these two words in Greek.


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