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John 1:40-42

March 12, 2013

40 Andrew the brother of Simon Peter was one of the two listening alongside of Jesus and following him; 41This [one] first finds his own brother Simon and says to him, “We have found the messiah”, which translates “anointed [one] (or Christ)”. 42 He led him to the Jesus. After looking at him, Jesus said, “YOU are Simon the son of John, YOU will be called Cephas” (which being interpreted is “a piece of rock(or Peter)”.

The names get kind of awkward when deciding if I should translate names phonetically, or into what they actually mean, because in passages like this the meanings look like they are important, so I ended up doing it both ways. Also notice (and this happened earlier too) that in my translations, sometimes a present tense is where you think a past should be. This is because I’m translating it literally. In the original language, once the scene is set in the past tense, then sometimes the present is used because we are already “there”.

On the side — one of the followers here are not named. It’s probably John, as he is never mentioned by name in the Gospel of John so far as I know, but is many times referred to as “the apostle whom Jesus loved” This assumed modesty is one of the reasons why we think that John was the one who wrote this book. (and 1st John has much of the same writing style.)

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