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John 1:6-11

March 2, 2013

6A man came, sent out from God, his name [is] John; 7this one came for testimony so that he might testify about the light, so that they might believe through him. 8That [one] was not the light, rather [that one was sent] so that he might testify about the light.

9-10The true light, which gives light to every man, was coming into the world, and the world was made though it, and the world did not know it. 11  It came into its own [things], and its own [people] did not receive it.

Verses 9&10 I stuck together (a trick I noticed in the Good News Translation), because I wanted it to be clear that “which gives light to every man” is talking about the light as the gender clue is lost in translation… so that got moved up. Also what I found strange is that the first “one’s own” is neuter, and the second is masculine… and I wasn’t sure what to do with that. The only thing I could figure at first is that the first one goes back to light (a neuter word) and the second to word (masculine), but someone else gave the above idea. the gender clues are lost in translation.

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