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John 1:2-5

March 2, 2013

John 1:2This [one] was with the God in [the] beginning. 3All [things] were made through it, and without it not one [thing] was made that has been made. 4In it was life, and the life was the light of the men; 5and the light is shining into the darkness, and the darkness did not take it.

What makes this kind of awkward is… is the word a he or an it? It’s not really well defined in Greek. Some may argue that “word” is masculine in Greek, but this is usually just a point of grammar. God is light… God is masculine and light is neuter. There are at least two word for house, one is masculine and one is feminine. the gender just really doesn’t mean anything, and I think it’s important not to put too much weight on these words when translated into English, but instead to look for words like “man” or “woman”. I decided to go with “it” while the word is still a spirit, and later change it to “he” when it is made flesh, until I make some other other discoveries.

The first word in the second verse “this” is usually translated “he” and this threw me off when I was reading this book for the first time in the middle of Greek class. Still translating it as “he” doesn’t seem like that big a deal. John the Baptist will soon be referred to in the same way.

Notice the two way relationship between “life” and “light of the men”, because there is an article on both sides.

The next to last word translated “take” could be something like understand or overcome or overtake or obtain… I thought using the word “take” would cover all the bases nicely.

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